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BTG produces headbox vanes (IPI Headbox Sheets) to improve the operation of the forming section nozzle. The headbox nozzle is a critical area in developing high paper quality parameters.

We have a unique manufacturing process that machines the sheets to have the straightest and smoothest surfaces; we actually have the smoothest Lexan surface in the industry. Unlike many of our competitors, we control this manufacturing process with a dedicated staff that continues to fucus only on making this product the best there is. The final sheet smoothness is developed by a special 'Wet Lap' finishing process that will provide an extremely smooth finished surface. We can also apply a surface modifier that will enhance the release aspect of the material to promote even cleaner operating sheets.

The sheets can have various tip designs. The sheet tip is the primary controlling item of the sheet in developing the nozzle flow characteristics. BTG can manufacture a plain 'Blunt' tip or a 'Tapered' tip. The Tapered tip can be machined down to a thickness of 0.5mm.

We also provide a 'Serrated' sheet tip for applications where very low energy is required and where flow needs to be blended to remove small-scale sheet defects.

We maintain a high stock level of Lexan raw material for sheet manufacturing, giving us the shortest lead-times in the industry. Normal delivery time is two weeks; rush-delivery is three days.

The IPI sheets are available in Lexan and CPVC materials. Lexan is the most popular choice because it is cost effective and operates very cleanly. CPVC is a more costly material that is inert to chemicals and can remain in the headbox during a chemical boil out. Both materials are available in all sizes.


  • Improved operating performance
  • Cleaner operating sheet surfaces
  • Nozzle flow optimized with sheet tip design


  • All OEM Designs
  • Blunt, Tapered and Serrated Sheets
  • Superior Surface Finishes
    - 0-2 Ra on Clear Surfaces
    - 5-10 Ra on Tapered Surfaces
    - Surface release finishes available
  • Lexan and CPVC materials

The purchase of IPI Headbox sheets provides our users with access to some of the most advanced technical service capabilities in the world. We have an extensive background in headbox design and the application of sheets to optimize the headbox flow nozzle. This knowledge is made available to our customers and is used to ensure that every application of our products is being optimized.

IPI uses polycarbonate Lexan 303. This is a pure material and very smooth. The primary advantage is that it does not absorb water and is a homogenous material with a high surface finish. IPI Headbox sheets also can be manufactured using CPVC. The advantage of CPVC is its superior chemical resistance in either acid or alkaline environments as compared to Lexan or PVC. Like Lexan 303 it is a homogeneous material and does not swell in water.

The allowable tolerance for either material is /- 0.0012 mm thickness for the raw material. The tolerance for machined tapers is /- 0.0025 mm on thickness and 0.0012 mm on variation. All surfaces must be scratch free. Comparatively, these are some of the most exacting tolerances in the industry.

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